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What Steps Should I Take After a Car Accident?

  1. Call 911 if anyone is injured.

  2. Turn on hazard lights to warn oncoming traffic.

  3. Stay out of the roadway.

  4. Call the police so an accurate report can be made immediately after the accident when the facts are fresh in your mind.

  5. Obtain the name, address, and telephone numbers of witnesses to the accident.

  6. Obtain the name, address, and telephone numbers of all occupants of any other vehicle involved in the accident.

  7. Obtain the automobile insurance information from the driver of all other vehicles involved in the crash.

  8. Take photos of all vehicles, witnesses and occupants of the other vehicle. Take photos of the accident scene from all directions.

  9. Seek treatment for your injuries immediately. Injuries that appear minor immediately after an accident may become very serious if left untreated. Immediate treatment documents the areas of injury making it easier to prove your claim and recover full compensation.

  10. As soon as possible, make notes of what occurred and diagram the accident scene. Your notes should include the speed of your vehicle prior to the accident, the weather, what parts of your body struck anything inside your vehicle, areas of bruising or cuts and abrasions appearing on your body.

  11. Do not give anyone, including your own insurance company, a recorded statement without speaking to an attorney first. At all times, keep in mind insurance companies exist to make profit, not to pay out on claims. Insurance companies, even your own, ar not your friends.

  12. Call J. Stanford Morse, P.A. at 727-347-7737. Mr. Morse is an experienced personal injury attorney who will take every legal step to protect your rights and to maximize money you receive from an insurance company or companies for your injuries and damages.

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