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Motorcycle Accidents Involving Objects

You’ve gassed up and the rubber’s hitting the road. It’s a feeling of freedom being on two wheels, and the very last thing you expect is to have an accident. But without the protection of a vehicle around you, even a seemingly minor crash on a motorcycle can have serious and life-altering effects.

So, while you try to avoid other vehicles, what happens if you’ve been involved in a crash - but with a fixed object? It can be just as bad - and sometimes, a direct impact can be even worse, causing a fatality or a permanent disability.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcycles colliding with fixed objects account for more fatal crashes than any other type of vehicle.

Some of these fixed objects can include:





Construction Signs

Telephone Poles

Light Poles

Traffic Signals, Including Stop Signs

Parked Vehicles


But did you know that sometimes, a motorcycle accident with a fixed object is not always the fault of the motorcycle rider - it can be the fault of another driver on the road. A negligent driver may have caused you to swerve, resulting in your crash.

You also may not be at fault if a fixed object presented a known hazard but it wasn’t addressed by the county, state, or other party responsible for the object and road.

An experienced motorcycle accident attorney can help collect evidence, file claims, and maximize your claim settlement for injuries, medical expenses, lost wages and other damages.

After any type of motorcycle accident, it's extremely important to know what mistakes to avoid so you can receive a fair and proper settlement. If you've been in a motorcycle collision, working with a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney can be your best move to get the justice you rightfully deserve. Contact St. Petersburg, Florida accident attorney J. Stanford Morse, P.A. Visit or call 727-347-7737 for more information.

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