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Costs Associated with a Car Accident in Florida

If you've been involved in a car accident throughout Florida, you may be wondering what you can expect as far as hidden costs. Understanding what you could be at risk for and some of the commonly overlooked costs of an accident could help you to protect yourself during the process of building an insurance claim. Some of the hidden costs of a car accident and your insurance claim can include:

Property Damage

If your vehicle was responsible for minor damage throughout the area or if your struck another vehicle you could be responsible for paying property damage on the vehicle or private property that was impacted.

Medical Bills

After an accident, it's quite likely that you could face high medical bills for costs like pain medication, surgeries tests and emergency care. Depending on the severity of your injuries in medical bills could continue for several years after an accident.

Work Interruption Costs

If you have injuries that may take time to heal it possible that you could miss an extended period of time at work and this means missing out on lost wages. Your insurance company may be able to assist you with recovering money including lost wages.

Increase in Insurance Costs

Insurance companies may continue to raise your rates after an accident, even when you are not at fault.

Cost of Legal Proceedings

If there are any type of criminal penalties or a civil suit that initiated as a result of an accident you could be responsible for paying a large number of legal fees after an accident.

If you are facing crippling costs after a car accident you should consider contacting an insurance attorney in Florida.

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