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St. Petersburg Pedestrian Accidents Attorney

Every day thousands of drivers make the decision to multi-task, speed, tailgate, run red lights and drive aggressively. Pedestrians accidents are often because of these dangerous attitudes and high-risk maneuvers.
Pedestrian accidents strike at the very heart of our communities. Throughout the country, approximately 4,600 pedestrians are killed by automobiles every year. Almost one-third of these victims are children under the age of fifteen. NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts reported 70,000 pedestrian injuries in 2007 – nearly one pedestrian accident every 8 minutes.

In Florida, we participate in activities that take us outdoors to parks, beaches and shopping areas where motor vehicles, sometimes driven by tourists unfamiliar with our roadways, are prevalent. With an increased awareness of the importance of maintaining healthy bodies to prevent illness and enjoy a high quality of life, our routines often consist of jogging, walking and bicycling. These activities place us in risk of injury due to an automobile accident caused by a negligent driver.

At the St. Petersburg, Florida law firm of J. Stanford Morse, P.A., we put our 31 years of legal experience to work for you. Our expertise in representing pedestrian accident victims has resulted in awards for compensation and punitive damages to help ease the pain and suffering resulting from a catastrophic event.

If you are the victim of a pedestrian accident, contact accident attorney J. Stanford Morse, P.A. Our law firm has successfully represented hundreds of motorcycle accident victims in the state of Florida. We examine the many factors involved in the accident to determine fault, degree of accountability and the amount of justifiable compensation for physical injuries and damages.