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You Pay No Attorney’s Fee or Costs Unless You Win or Settle for Your Injury

St. Petersburg Fractures & Broken Bones Attorney

broken-arm-300x147No one wants to pay for their medical bills after they’ve broken, or fractured, their arm, do they? Of course not, especially when the injury isn’t their fault. If someone has caused you to fracture any bone in your body, you are entitled to a settlement.

It is never fun to break an arm, but there are certain bones that, when broken, can cause serious amounts of pain and may even cause long-term disabilities. These bones include but are not limited to:

  • spine
  • femur
  • humerus
  • skull
  • collar bone

These types of injuries can have a long-lasting effect, and also be very painful. However, any injury can also be inconveniencing and damaging to the wallet, so make sure you call us today to make sure you receive the settlement that you deserve. At the Law Offices of J. Stanford Morse, P.A., we care very much about how these injuries effect you and we will do everything we can to make it right.